Recognized as Port Elizabeth’s Seafood Landmark and one of the finest Seafood specializing A-la-carte Restaurants in the Republic of South Africa, BLACKBEARDS® is the oldest established restaurant in Port Elizabeth and is situated at The Chapman Hotel & Conference Centre.

Established by the well-known restauranteur Franklin family in September 1975, BLACKBEARDS® Tavern is still owned by the Franklins. The restaurant was named after Blackbeard the Pirate, who was born in Bristol as Edward Teach. In 1718, he was killed by Lieutenant Richard Maynard in a deadly battle.

Besides offering guests a unique seafood experience, BLACKBEARDS® also offers other extensive a-la-carte options, which include various meat, poultry, vegetarian and Italian dishes.


Valentines Menu

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Time 17:00pm to 22:00pm

All meals will be ordered from and served to you at your table

Valentines Day Dinner R395 Per Person + 10% Standard Service Gratuity


Choice of*

Fresh Rocket and Creamy Beef Masala Strips Tortilla

Mini tortilla wraps prepared with a fresh rocket and creamy beef masala strips filling

Mediterranean Salad

A variety of green and red cabbage strips, poppy seeds and nuts, marinated in a balsamic vineger and soya dressing

Smoked Salmon Salad

Strips of smoked salmon served on a bed of green, cherry tomatoes and English cucumber and sprinkled with lemon zest

Blackbeard's Homemade Bread Platter

Served with a variety of a creamy mushroom Pate', a sweet chill Pate',and a Chicken liver Pate'

Main Course

All Meals Served With:

Caramelized Roasted Vegetable kebabs drizzled with a honey and mustard dressing Golden Fried Spring Onion Roast Potatoes Blackbeards Savoury Rice

Choice of*

Pan Fried Line fish choice of Fillets

Chef’s choice Line fish fillets , pan fried with lemon and herbs, served with Lemon Butter, Garlic Butter or Peri-Peri

Seafarers Hot Mix Seafood Penne

A selection of Shrimps ,calamari, mussels crab sticks and line fish , pan fried in lemon ,herbs, and spices and served in a seafood marinara ,consisting of whole peeled tomato ,mushroom and white wine together with Penne Pasta.

Blackbeards medallions of Beef Rosso

Roasted beef medallions , Marinated in a brown ,red wine and herb sauce

Cannelloni Italia

Homemade mini cannelloni portions prepared with chicken , spinach and feta and topped with a whole peeled tomato marinara, Fresh cream, and parmesan cheese and baked in our Italian pizza oven.

Butternut , Mushroom and Feta Bake

Cubed butternut , mushrooms and feta cheese ,topped with a creamy mushroom sauce and baked with mozzarella


Choice of*

Mini cheesecake slice baked and served with a melted chocolate drizzle And served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Mini Valentine Koeksuster Served with Vanilla Ice Cream